Are you ready to Invest in the most suitable and profitable commodity ever?

THAT COMMODITY IS YOU - I have read a few articles with variations describing time as a currency, explaining that you have either 86,400 units, 1,440 units or 24 units depending if the currency exchange is based on seconds, minutes or hours. In all cases, whatever units are not used up that day are lost and cannot be carried over to the next day.

My investment analogy is similar and advocates key times that YOU should INVEST in YOU. The time spent sleeping and very importantly the time just before sleep and when you first wake up are vital to utilising your day productively. You might be pleasantly surprised in how much time you have each day. I propose that you invest in the most suitable and profitable commodity ever, specifically designed for you.

YOUCOIN – The personal investment everyone should make.

Firstly, there are two types of YOUCOIN, namely the very essential SLEEPCOIN and the more flexible WAKECOIN. You receive a combined total of 1,440 YOUCOIN each day. This commodity platform is completely non-discriminatory, where everyone equally receives the same level of daily allowance.

The importance of sleep

Everyone needs to sleep, so it is a given that some investment is needed here, let’s say 7 Hours of sleep. This will equate to 420 of your YOUCOIN daily allowance, purchasing essential SLEEPCOIN. Make sure you get sufficient sleep, as burning the candle at both ends may be pleasurable for a short while in a totally hedonistic way but does not lead to any meaningful or long-lasting personal development.

The rest of your day

Most people need to work and although this will vary massively on people’s circumstances, I am using an example where someone may need to allow 10 hours per day for work, including breaks and travelling to and from work. This will be an investment of 600 WAKECOIN. You should consider important investments just before sleep and first thing after sleep. These are periods that can potentially make or break how productive your day could be. Investing an hour here either side of sleep can make a massive difference to how you feel, how you interact with others and how productive you are.

A Quick Summary of your YOUCOIN Daily Account


Investing your YOUCOIN wisely

The period before bed is where a rewarding investment of your WAKECOIN can be made. To help maximise your sleep, good use of your time here would be avoiding the excessive use of mobiles, laptops or TV, many of these things are habitual and non-productive. You could use this time more effectively, investing in activities like meditation, reading or reflecting on your day. Consider what was good and why it was so, also reflect on the more challenging parts of your day. Think about your actions and reactions and honestly assess if any situations could have been dealt with differently. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and although you can’t alter what happened you can learn from reassessing daily experiences. Doing this sometimes isn’t easy but is very worthwhile. It is also good to use this final part of the day to positively affirm your intentions for the next day.

Equally important is when you first wake up. Investing in physical exercise or reading / listening to something that inspires you or positively reaffirming your targets and objectives for the day can influence how your day continues. Approach your day in as positive and focused manner as possible and you will benefit, and the energy will help carry you through the day.

On a typical workday you will still have circa 300 YOUCOIN left, this equates to 5 hours. This is invariably significantly more than we usually think we have available, and you have already invested in 2 hours higher quality time. I am aware that you have not used any YOUCOIN on necessities like eating or to do the chores that are needed to be done. However even allowing for a reasonable investment to cover those activities, you will be left with enough YOUCOIN that can be invested as positive feel-good time for you as well as others you care about. Maybe invest in some quality time with a significant other or make a call to a friend or family member you have been meaning to catch up with for ages. Read a book, go for a walk or take a course or hobby that develops you as a person or for the simple pleasure of enjoying it. Do something that makes you happy rather than stresses you or frivolously wastes your time.


I call this investment YOUCOIN because you deserve to invest in YOU, what better investment could there be. If you are energised, organised and focused on adopting a positive approach to things there are enough YOUCOIN for quality YOU time.

You have the same amount of YOUCOIN available as everyone else including the famous, the rich, the extremely effective and productive successful people in the world, they just use their allowance differently.

Every day is a brand-new investment. Invest wisely because none of us really know when our account is likely to be closed.

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