Here is a selection of blog articles relevant to the services I provide and how I can help you.


Accepting failure

I have been conscious for a little while that I have become unfit. I am now aware of how unfit. I recently took part in a local 5k park run. If asked before the event, I may have said my fitness level on a 1-10 scale would have been about 3 or 4. I know…


Change Can be a Good Kind of Scary, When you Embrace it.

You will already have experienced change on many different levels in many different ways. Something as basic as the weather, particularly here in the UK the weather is very changeable and we are not sure what we are going to get from one day to the next but we have no choice other than to…


Are you ready to Invest in the most suitable and profitable commodity ever?

THAT COMMODITY IS YOU – I have read a few articles with variations describing time as a currency, explaining that you have either 86,400 units, 1,440 units or 24 units depending if the currency exchange is based on seconds, minutes or hours. In all cases, whatever units are not used up that day are lost…


How Do You Define Success?

We often define success on an all or nothing basis, particularly in sport but also in work or life in general. However, success should be judged relative to situations, environment and realistic expectations. Success needs to be assessed in context and is relative to position and circumstances. I would like to use a sporting context…


Life is a river, not a lake

Life does not standstill, it is constantly moving, constantly flowing. Like a river sometimes the flow is nice and calm and other times much faster. I recently used this analogy of comparing the water of a river and a lake when someone was struggling with an issue at work that was causing her stress and…