Change Can be a Good Kind of Scary, When you Embrace it.

You will already have experienced change on many different levels in many different ways.

Something as basic as the weather, particularly here in the UK the weather is very changeable and we are not sure what we are going to get from one day to the next but we have no choice other than to embrace it and adjust accordingly.

On a more personal level can you remember the first school you went to and then moved on to a new school. I guess that you survived and whatever the pace some people take longer to adjust than others, most people will have survived and over time made a new circle of best friends.

When you left school, you may have started work or gone to college or university, another big change with new contacts and environment. You might have moved house, new area, new neighbours, new friends, again all massive changes. In work, new colleagues, new bosses and we always adjust one way or another and move on with things.

Life is littered with these big changes, events that we survive. I know my own life has many of these, changing schools, starting work, moving house, change of relationships, having children, even several times relocating to a different part of the country, going to university very late in life and I am still here.

I acknowledge that occasionally there are also traumatic changes that are forced upon us, such as bereavement which can require completely different approaches.

Change is inevitable, sometimes forced, sometimes planned, often essential and irrespective of time and age it is usually survived. FACT

Even if we have been constant in a situation or environment for a long time, we can embrace change and survive. FACT.

A bit about my own story.

When I started work, I had no real qualifications and no idea what I wanted to do workwise, let alone in life. I started working in an office at a local manufacturing company, pretty much as the office tea boy. I stayed with that company for over 25 years. During that time, I progressed through various roles and ended up as a purchasing manager, reporting directly to the Managing Director. Spending in excess of £4 million on minerals and other raw materials on a global basis in a niche manufacturing industry. The company was a family owned relatively small business whose 2 main competitors were multi-National conglomerates. At this time UK manufacturing was generally on the decline due to various global factors.

In the early 2000’s I had an opportunity to retrain in a completely different sector, financial services. I took this step initially on a part time basis, while still devoting 2 days a week to the purchasing role at the request of the Managing Director. That decision was made in my mid to late 40’s.

In my mid 50’s I took time off work from work and moved 200 miles away to undertake a full-time degree.

After graduating I returned to the financial services sector.

I am now in my mid 60’s and retired but working on starting my own business in Positive Lifestyle Development.

Embrace the opportunity to change. You have more than likely already overcome many more significant changes than you are consciously aware of.

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