I believe every website should have a page with the most frequently asked questions and below, you will see just a few that have asked in the past from my clients.

If your question is not answered below, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me here.

One to One session’s are completely confidential, this is paramount to building trust. Only in extreme circumstances would this confidence be breached; this would include any intent to cause harm to yourself or anyone else or criminal acts.

Coaching is a form of development, a process that aims to empower you to transform your life in any area that you desire improvement or balance. You set the agenda and you are responsible for the outcomes.

Life is busy and often confusingly cluttered, and this can drain even the most organised and enthusiastic of people from time to time. You might know that something isn’t quite right or needs improving but not sure what you even need help with. You might want to find out how coaching may help and need more information to make an informed decision. If so, please take advantage of my free of charge, no obligation 20-minute chat to see how I can help.

I have during my working and sporting life been told many times that one of my assets is my passionate enthusiasm to connect and engage with people. This along with my psychology degree and my numerous changes in life, with both positive and adverse outcomes enable me to empathise. You will receive my wholehearted commitment.

To make sure that you benefit from investing your time, please be prompt for the session time and be prepared. Preparation can and should include being in a safe, quite environment where you can relax, concentrate and focus. A pen and paper would be beneficial to make notes as we discuss things. Other than that, please be honest, proactive and your natural self.

Coaching is predominantly carried out over video call, over the phone or face to face. The session is pre booked at your convenience. While structure is important, your sessions will be bespoke, totally adapted to you.

Each session is normally 60 minutes with a follow up 30-minute feedback/feedforward session. This is usually a week later giving time to reflect on the 60-minute session and decide the next course of action. This gives a total of 90 minutes contact time for each session booked.

This very much depends on what you are looking to achieve and obviously the synergy between us. I offer discounted rates for booking numerous sessions. You can book a one off or a block of 3, 6 or 12 sessions. If you initially book a one-off session and then progress to more sessions that reflect in the pricing of the additional sessions, relative to the block bookings.

You will receive my full support with a non-judgemental, confidential and engaging approach, where I will be committed to assisting you in whatever agenda you set. However, there are no guarantees and no refunds, because the process is very much dependant on your commitment and ownership to your journey.

Firstly, you would have access to my free of charge, non-committal 20-minute discovery session to discuss what you are looking to achieve and more importantly see if we both feel that we are a good fit in respect of your aims. My sessions currently range from £100 to £200 for each 90-minute session (including the 30-minute feedback/feedforward session). The more sessions you book on a block basis the cheaper they become. If you start with a one-off session and then subsequently book more sessions, this would reflect in the price of the additional sessions, similar to the larger block bookings.