How I Can Help

I am passionate about helping people make improvements and make progress toward their true potential. My approach is very much individualistic, you are unique, and although there are traits in personality that group people together you are very much an individual. For this reason, I do not set out pre-planned sessions on any topics because until we first speak or discuss your specific journey then I do not know where that might take us.

You might be considering some form of coaching or mentoring but are not sure if it’s the right thing for you. You may know something isn’t quite right or could be improved but maybe aren’t clear on what it is that you even need help with. Perhaps you need more information to make an informed decision. Please take advantage of my free of charge, no obligation, 20-minute chat to see how I can help.

Below is just an example of some areas that you may wish to reflect on.

PLD - Homepage - 1. Life Balance

Life Balance

Every area of your life influences and affects other areas, sometimes temporarily and sometimes on a more permanent basis. You need to be aware and look to achieve a balance. What you are on the inside, your core authentic values and beliefs are reflected in all areas of life, home, work, finances, relationships, health, recreation, well-being, and personal development. They are all interconnected and influenced by how you feel and in turn how you behave and how others see you. Balance is essential in limiting neglect in certain areas. I can assist you in creating and maintaining a more balanced lifestyle.

Concentration & Focus

Start your day in the right way because how you start the day sets the tone that enables positivity. There are ways that you can structure your day to maximize your concentration levels and maintain a freshness to whatever you are trying to achieve. You might consider yourself to be a focused individual, however, if you are focusing on the wrong things at the wrong time then it may not be as productive in achieving what you set out to do as it could be. I can show you strategies to assist in these areas.

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PLD - Homepage - 3. Stress Management & Emotional Intelligence

Stress Management & Emotional Intelligence

Pressure and stress are an increasingly evident part of modern life. However, not all forms of pressure are negative. Some are necessary to facilitate progress and achievement. You shouldn’t look at seeking assistance or validation in these areas as a weakness, it is a sign of strength. Even the most successful people in all areas of life, business, sport, and entertainment have assistance and guidance. Emotional intelligence is a big key in unlocking and altering so many areas of what and how you are. I can discuss ways of improving internal management of situations that will benefit how you react and how you perform.

Organising Time & Productivity

Life is busy and often confusingly cluttered and this can be draining even if you are one of the more organized and enthusiastic of people. You may be very busy however are you busy in the most effective and productive way? Time management is essential to your productivity and helps avoid procrastination and or potential burnout. I am sure you would like your time to be more efficient and productive while also starting to feel good about your achievements. If you are willing to be open and honest in a confidential environment, then I would relish assisting you.

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PLD - Homepage - 5. Energy & Embracing Change

Energy & Embracing Change

Energy is one of the most valuable resources you have and can dictate both negatively and positively how your day goes and what you achieve each day. I can show you ways to increase your energy levels and maximise your day. Success is often determined by how you deal with change. Change is always around in different ways and inevitably always will be. Generally, you are more adept at dealing with change than you realise. You may be surprised at the amount of significant changes you have already experienced. I can show you ways of framing change.

Belief & Goal Setting

Your belief is powerful, very powerful. However, if you are like most people when asked about their beliefs they usually neglect to speak about their belief in themselves. Is this you? Do you have an unerring belief in your abilities and use that to full effect? Do you challenge limiting beliefs? Do you embrace failure as an opportunity for growth? Do you have plans to get to where you wish to be in any area of your life? If you have the desire to maximise your potential, then I can assist you on the journey.

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