My Methods and Approach

I have, over many years in both my working and sporting life, been told that one of my assets is my passionate enthusiasm to connect and engage with people from all walks of life. I get immense pleasure from seeing individuals or groups develop and grow.

I consider myself to be a non-judgemental and authentic person with a willingness to try to understand all sides of any situation because everything is about individual perspectives. My core beliefs include building trust through confidentiality, equality, honesty and integrity. I firmly believe that lasting positive change can only be achieved by the individual taking ownership of their own journey and being honest and committed to their own authentic selves.

I am passionate about helping people make improvements and make progress toward their true potential. My approach is very much individualistic, you are unique, and although there are traits in personality that group people together you are very much an individual. For this reason, I do not set out pre-planned sessions on any topics because until we first speak or discuss your specific journey then I do not know where that might take us.

Philosophy wise, I adopt a holistic approach with a positive regard for the person as a whole and as everyone is unique, an understanding of the ‘person’ is essential to know and assist you as an individual. Holistic philosophy incorporates, a humanistic approach where the person is the expert in themselves and existentialism where your experiences must be the source of information concerning enhancement and development. Don’t worry this isn’t as deep as it may first sound.

PLD - Tony Bowkis Image